The Hairy Godmothers’ Origin Story

About Wax-Co

We deliver the most efficient, professional, and comfortable waxing + laser services in the industry. Our talented team is dedicated to providing high-quality services that are quick, clean, and tailored to your individual needs. Wax-Co is here to help you feel your most confident. That is our purpose. So, whether you have lots of hair or a little hair – we’ve got you covered!

A Quest For Confidence

I began my hair removal journey at 14 years old. I hated the excessive dark hair on my legs, so I would try any means possible to remove it. Admittedly, I started with microwavable wax (I can feel the burn just thinking about it), cheap razors, and hair removal creams. While the trials and errors of hair removal attempts serve as laughable memories, my confidence was really affected by my excessive body hair, and I needed to find a solution.

A Better Hair Removal Experience

I moved from Ireland to Canada with my family in my early twenties. The vast life adjustment was the perfect time to turn my passion for hair removal into a career. After years of working and learning the ins and outs of professional waxing and skincare treatments, I knew I could apply my experience to improve industry standards for my clients and peers. This led me to where I am today, creating Wax-Co. In this collaborative space, we have created the highest quality, comfortable, clean, and inclusive services, so nobody must suffer at-home hair removal blunders of those of my teens!

Are you Ready?

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