Laser – Before and After Care

by | Apr 6, 2024 | Laser Hair Removal

Before your laser

Stop waxing or plucking the area 6-8 weeks before your first laser treatment (we need to be able to see hair density, colour, and texture to decide the appropriate treatment plan)

Avoid UV exposure (tanning + sunburns), tanning beds, and self tanner for 4 weeks prior to your treatments

Areas to be treated must be freshly shaved before your appointment

Arrive to your appointment without any lotions, perfumes, or deodorants on areas being treated


Keep treatment area free of makeup + perfumes for 24-48 hours post treatment

Avoid saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, working out and swimming for 48-72 hours

Avoid tanning + sunburns during the entire course of your laser treatments

Protect skin from UVA + UVB rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, SPF 50 or higher, during the full course of treatment

Do not wax or pluck hairs during the full course of laser treatments

Are you Ready?

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