After extensive research, we chose the Elite+ laser system by Cynosure. This innovative technology combines two gold standard wavelengths (755nm Alexandrite and the 1064nm Nd:YAG) in a single system which gives our laserologists the flexibility to customize treatments to treat all skin types safely and more effectively.

The Elite+ has a contact cooling system that reduces discomfort during your treatment and increases laser safety. Its multiple spot sizes mean we can treat all areas of the body more efficiently, so you can easily pop in for your laser treatment on your lunch break!

To learn more about our laser services, book in for a complimentary laser consultation with one of our experts!

Men’s Speedo


Full Leg $270
Lower Leg $162
Upper Leg  $180
Underarms $90
Full Back $225
Full Back + Shoulders  $290
1/2 Back $180
Upper Chest $135
Chest and Stomach $220

 Stomach $140

 Stomach Strip $30

Half Arm $126

Full Arm $180

Feet + toes $63

Hands + Fingers $63

Shoulders $100


Chin $45
Cheeks + Sideburns $65
Chin + Lip  $72
Upper Lip $45
Forehead $70
Neck $63
Nape of Neck $72
Full Face $144

Ladies Bikini

Brazilian $180
Extended Bikini $135
Classic Bikini $90
Bum $135
Bum + In Between $171
Between Cheeks $90

Men’s Speedo

Manzilian $256
Extended Speedo $180
Speedo $150
Bum $160
bum + In Between $208
Between Cheeks $100

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