Sugaring is the all-natural alternative to traditional waxing. Our sugar paste is made with only 3 ingredients: sugar, lemon, + water. That’s it!

The soft sugar paste is the only tool (apart from the skills of our amazing sugarsists) used to remove your unwanted hair. There are no sticks, strips or high temperatures used. The warm paste adjusts to the same temperature as your body and stays that way for the entire service.

Sugaring is ideal for sensitive skins and for those who have allergies to the ingredients in traditional waxes. But with all that being said, sugaring is an excellent choice for the removal of ALL hair types, including extra coarse hair.



Ladies body


Ladies Bikini

Brazilian $54
Brazilian Maintenance (5 weeks or less since your last sugar brazilian at Wax-Co) $48
Extended Bikini $40
Classic Bikini $30

Ladies Body

Underarms $21

Ladies Face

Cheeks/Sideburns $20
Chin $15
Upper Lip $14

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