What we do

Whether you want to pluck it, wax it, shape it, or laser it, Wax-Co is here to help you feel Confidently Smooth.

At Wax-Co, we remove your unwanted hair. It’s that simple!

We deliver the most efficient, professional, and comfortable waxing + laser services in the industry. Our talented team is dedicated to providing high-quality services that are quick, clean, and tailored to your individual needs. Wax-Co is here to help you feel your most confident. That is our purpose. So, whether you have lots of hair or a little hair – we’ve got you covered!


Not all waxes are created equal. Our strongest performance hard wax is designed to grab the most stubborn hair while being gentle enough to use on your delicate areas. This wax hugs your hair without adhering to your skin, allowing for less ouch factor!


Wax-Co created meticulous waxing methods to ensure you are waxed to perfection every time! Our quick and skilled techniques will have you on to your next adventure in no time. We value your time, so you’ll never have to worry about us slowing you down!


We use the Elite+ laser system by Cynosure. This machine uses dual-wavelength technology, making it the best choice for ALL skin types. Its contact cooling system provides total comfort and safer treatments, so we know you will love our laser as much as we do!

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